Supplier – Settlements

  • Payments are carried by Singlebag for both resellers and suppliers.
  • Suppliers are charged 3% commission for each sale. Singlebag takes 3% commission from suppliers for each sale.
  • The supplier manufactures the product and sets a price for it. Reseller sets a margin value for those products, markets and sells it on behalf of the supplier.
  • Once customer places an order, the payment is transferred to Singlebag.
  • Singlebag pays the margin value to the reseller, takes 3% commission from the sale and the remaining money is sent to the supplier after two days from delivery.
  • To know the settlements earned from Singlebag, navigate to, “Settlements” page.
  • You would see the invoice no for the order, settlement date, amount earned, status for each sale and the settlement paid date.