Supplier – Delivery Agent

  • For your delivery agents, we have developed a delivery module app. It is an app showcasing your delivery summary, through which the agent can see the orders assigned directly to them. As a result of this, the agent can easily let you know when the order has been picked up and delivered, and at the same time, the delivery address is at hand with integration with Google Maps.
  • To create delivery agents, navigate to Delivery agents–> All agents.
  • Click on “create delivery agent”. A page for the agents details will appear. Fill out the details as per requirement and click on “Save”.
  • Now ask your agent to download the “delivery agent app” from play store or app store. Ask the agent to enter your shop name and his email id along with the password to access the app.
  • To assign the orders to the agent, navigate to Orders–> All orders–> Click on order id–> At the bottom of the page, change the order status to ready for pickup and click on “Save changes”.
  • Assign delivery agent dialog box appears. Assign an agent for the products that has to be delivered and click “Submit”.
  • The agent will be notified through the delivery agent app. Once the order is picked-up by the agent, the order status will be updated by them in the app. Supplier can see the status of the order from order dashboard.