Reseller – Coupons

  • Coupons will drive business to your store. The key is to develop your coupon strategy, so you know how that discount marketing strategy will increase your long-term repeat business or your sales per customer.
  • Create or add coupons for your products. It will help you provide the best discounts and product sales.
  • But be aware that if a reseller sets a coupon discount more than the margin amount which he has fixed for the product, the margin value goes in negative.
  • E.g., if a reseller buys a 600rs product from a supplier and sets the price as 1700rs, his margin value is 700rs. Here if the reseller creates a coupon for 800rs discount and if it is used by his customer, the margin value becomes -100.
  • Singlebag detects the negative margin value, and the remaining amount will be paid to the reseller.
  • To create a coupon, navigate to Products > Coupons > Create coupon
  • Enter the given details mentioned this page.