POS Users

Singlebag provide POS system integration to bridge your offline sales that allows you to process orders or transactions across offline stores.

Turn any mobile device into a powerful point of sale. You can download the Singlebag POS app on to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Get the perfect POS setup, whether you’re a pop-up shop or a retail store. Singlebag POS connects seamlessly with hardware accessories.

Get the tools you need to run your retail store. Singlebag’s all-in-one POS system comes with inventory tracking, staff management, and more.

It’s easy to Overview of all the data on sales, inventory, and customers and purchase data you can easily calculate and run marketing campaigns that encourage to come to your offline store. Merchant can easily collect contact details, name, and address.

Custom staff permissions:

Set permissions to control staff access in the POS system so you can delegate with peace of mind.

Singlebag point of Sale is easy to download, and any mobile device can be transformed into a potential point of sale. Any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet can be downloaded.

By clicking on Dashboard you can see the Home, order, Notifications, Profile, and Logout. This tab will allow you to manage all orders, inventory, and status of your products as active or inactive.

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