How to get license as a Partner?

Singlebag offers a premium business license to its partners. Our partner license is a type of business license that is granted to partners who can bring in more users. The purchased license intends to provide our partners the accessibility to add more users. The partner gets a benefit of 10% on purchasing the license.

The partner gets a commission with every user signup. With the partner license, users can signup for the platform to sell their products. The new users can create their own site through our platform. Further, they can add their products, create listings, and start selling to their customers from their website using the Singlebag application.


  • The partner can buy multiple licenses.
  • It will give the partner the ability to add more users and create their profiles in our application.
  • The license can be availed from our platform through an easy process.
  • It is developed to help partners earn a higher income.
  • We also provide a sales toolkit and learning opportunities through groups.

Our aim at the Singlebag is to change the business dynamics and help build a solid entrepreneurial community through a ready-made platform. The users only need to spend time adding their brand details and start selling. The rest is taken care of by us.