Reseller – Dashboard

  • Dashboard gives an overall view about your site performance, order analytics, your total sales and revenue details, QR code scanner for your store.
  • In order to get started, few important steps that has to be fullfiled for setting up your store are displayed here.
  • Right from finding products, to store customization can be started from here.
  • In dashboard reseller can see order statistics (pending, completed, processing, orders)
  • Reseller can also see total earnings amount & total sales.
  • Reseller see the steps to add product, storefront customization, store setup for creating a store
  • Here resellers can see a pictorial chart for earnings performance.
  • Resellers also visit a storage usage (In MB format), products (according to your plan) & how many pages adding for your store.
  • QR code will display in the dashboard, store owners download QR code and share everyone or scan the QR code to visit store.