You can manage products by adding attributes. Attributes can be used for filtering products. Customers will see attributes as a table on the product page (Additional Information Tab).

  • If you want to add additional information to your product, you can create them in the attributes section.
  • To create attribute, navigate to Products–> Attributes–> Create attribute.
  • Fill the details such as (Title, featured) mentioned in the add Attribute.
  • Any special requirements for your products you can add in attribute, it will display in additional info (storefront in product page)
  • After creating the attribute E.g., Quantity, now we need to give values for the created attribute, not just values any information can be given. To add those values, click on the setting icon in the action menu after creating the attribute. It will navigate you to a variation page.
  • To create variations, click on “create variation”.
  • A page for adding the information appears. Add the details and click on “Save”.