How to Setup a Store in Singlebag?

Setting a store on Singlebag Panel is one of the easiest things you have ever done before. You need to follow some minimal instructions and, bang on! You are sorted. Also, an e-store always boosts your business because it empowers you with a broad customer base from various places in the world. You have the opportunity to show your products and connect with your customer directly without any third-party hindrance.

Build your store  #

Log in to Singlebag with your relevant ID and password. After successful login, you are good to add products and settings in the admin panel required for your site.

  • Add products details, short descriptions, and the other necessary information.
  • Decide the category of the product, buying cost and final costs after shipping, taxes and add any other details if needed.
  • Give your customers some exciting deals, add offers to the products.
  • Singlebag comes with features of default customizable themes that allows you to design your site for enhancing the overall look, feel and style of your website.
  • We would ensure that your Singlebag theme runs smoothly across all screen sizes, whether desktop or mobile and is highly responsive.

Set up shipping methods #

Customers can transact through different payment modes like InstaMojo and Razor pay. International customers can transact through PayPal, Toyyibpay, Mollie, Stripe etc.

  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway to provide a seamless setup and ongoing experience.
  • You have to specify and set the different shipping methods offered to your customers.
  • To set up the shipping option, click on SettingsPayment Options
  • You can set manual or alternative payment method, fill the required details, enable and save 

Note: Before activating the payment make sure your currency is supported.

Customize your store #

You can customize your store by adding a theme, menus, pages, and sliders for complete control over the look and feel of your website, starting from its layout to content and colors, and so on.

To customize your store site, follow the below steps:

  • To create themes, navigate to Online Store Themes in the admin panel. Here you will find options. You can play around with the theme and change your store looks.
  • The menu option allows you to create rules that dynamically add the current page to the menu system at the requested spots. To create menus, navigate to Online Store > Menus.
  • You can create a custom About page or a Privacy Policy page to better inform your customers about the services provided by your store. To create pages, navigate to Online store > Pages > Add New.
  • Sliders are an incredibly versatile design tool that allows you to showcase images and content beautifully and more effectively while maximizing the space on your website. Add our custom sliders to your site, navigate to Online storeSliders > Create New.

Catalog #

  • Store Catalog consists of all your products. List all the products with descriptions.
  • The bulk upload option is easily accessible through the.csv file which can be uploaded through the Importer tool in the Admin panel.

Categories #

Each product should be specified in its respective category.

  • You have to first create the categories where you will create different root categories and sub root category of products that you are selling.

To create this, click on Products > Categories

Brands #

  • You can add a brand for your store for each product.
  • To create a brand, Click on Admin Panel Products Brands

Products #

  • All product details are listed under the Products sub-menu option. It includes Price, Inventory, Images, SEO, Options, and lots more.
  • To create a product, go to Admin Panel > ProductsCreate Product.

Set up the store, you are ready to go live and start selling your products.