Shop Settings

This page allows you to set all details of your shop. You can even change as per location and another general requirement.

For shop settings, navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Shop Settings

It includes general settings of your store site such as store name, description, notification and reply-to-email, layout position of currency, shop type, order receive method, languages.

  • To Setup your store location, navigate to Settings Shop settings Location.  
  • Click on “Save”.

A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app. PWAs are built to take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring the end user to visit an app store, make a purchase and download software locally.

  • To enable PWA navigate to, Settings Shop settings PWA Settings..
  • Enter your store link any one of the browser in mobile. You would find three dots on the right corner of your screen. Click on the dots and a list of drop-down options will be displayed. Select “add to home screen”, your store will now display as an App in your App drawer. 
  • Click on “Save”. 
  • To give a logo to your store, navigate to Settingsà Shop settingsà Others.
  • Fill the details like (theme color, logo (250 * 120mm), favicon (64 * 64mm).
  • Connect your social media accounts to your store by adding your page links. This is done at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Save”.