What is Google Analytics? How to use it as a marketing tool in Singlebag?

What is Google Analytics? #

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool by Google for tracking and analysing website performance. It offers insights into visitor behaviour, traffic sources, and demographics. Implementing its tracking code provides a deeper understanding of user interactions, enabling data-driven decisions for marketing optimization.

Using Google Analytics as a Marketing Tool in Singlebag #

In Singlebag, Google Analytics enhances marketing strategies by tracking website traffic, analyzing user behaviour, setting up goals and conversions, segmenting audiences, and monitoring marketing campaigns.

How to integrate Google Analytics in Singlebag to your online store? #

To integrate Google Analytics to your online store, follow the below navigation

Admin panel > Marketing tools > Google analytics.

Add details of your Google Analytics account.

If you don’t have an account, create a Google Analytics account and enter details.