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How to Start an Online Business as a Student with Benefits?

Online Business

Hi Students,

Yes, I know you are piled up with exams, internals, assignments, projects, and a load of activities.

Moreover, I do agree that you are packed up with many things, and your time flies away with these activities, but if you are that one determined student who has a passion to do something productive apart from your academics while studying.

Then, this blog is for you.

As a student, you should always know and accept that there is a world outside your college or university, which is highly competitive. So, you need to do productive work while you study that trains and molds you when to step out of your college or university.

And in this context, one of the best fields to jump into is “Online Business”, which is booming over the years and will continue for at least five decades as we are heading toward the digital and modern world.

According to Statista research, “e-commerce has grown by up to 300% in recent years and is expected to account for 17.5% of global retail sales by the end of 2021.” Moreover, online business will be apt for you to start an online business as it is profitable and does not require much time or energy while you study, and will not interfere with your academics or personal life.

Why should I start an online business?

Well, this is a valid question, but what if I say that Online business is the most profitable and booming field?

Yes, if you have a business idea and starting an online business while you are a student is the best way to earn income online from your home. It is time and cost-efficient where you can start and run your business with little time and capital.

And with Singlebag, you can start an e-business with your pocket money and savings. Other advantages of having an online business, are lower operating costs, flexible operation from anywhere and at any time, access to a wide range of consumers, increased brand visibility, and rapid business growth.

Moreover, your dream of starting a business can easily come true with an online business compared to offline, which requires huge initial capital, operating cost, time, and energy. You can only meet the demand of limited consumers that hampers the sales and profits of your business. 

“Earn money while you study”

How to start an online business?

Have a business idea

Firstly, before starting an online business you should have a strong business idea in which you want to excel. In today’s realm of business, there a plenty of online businesses selling diverse products and services, so it is crucial to analyze the existing market and have a strong business idea and knowledge about your product or service. If you have your own products or services, then it is well and good, if not it is rational to choose a trending niche.

Build your online store

“Materialize your idea”

After planning what online business you are going to do and what product/service you are going to sell, you should build an online store. Are you afraid of building an online store on your own?


With Singlebag, building an online store is a very easy and simple process, you can build your online store even during your break hour by providing just basic details like your name, mobile, and password.

Click here to get started:

Market your brand

Once you build an online store and your online business, you have to do effective marketing to reach a wider range of consumers and scale up your sales, and grow your business. If you wonder how to market your product or service, Singlebag comes with a solution where the inbuilt- marketing tools like Whatsapp API, Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and Google task manager to promote your brand easily and reach global customers from your home.

Sell the product and earn money

Finally, sell your product to global customers with Singlebag from sitting in front of your desktop or mobile and earn money online while you study and become financially independent as you grow your business.

5 Best ideas for an online business for students

As a student, these are the 5 best ideas to start your online business while studying.

  • Clothing and Cosmetics
  • Pet products
  • Home Decor and DIY
  • Gaming
  • Education

Benefits of starting your online business when you are a Student

  • The major benefit of starting an online business while studying is that you can be financially independent and gain knowledge about the world, business field, and market forces.
  • It can greatly enhance significant characteristics of a successful entrepreneur in you such as decision-making, time management, financial management, leadership, optimum resource utilization, business strategies, and analyzing and predicting the demand of consumers.
  • As a student, you can reach diverse and large consumers by predicting the consumer’s preference as most the potential buyers range between the same age group as yours.
  • When you start an online business while you are studying, you are just in the first step of a successful future, so you can correct your mistakes, learn from business leaders and your competitors, and you can greatly reduce the risk of loss and uncertainty as your business grows. And you can definitely be an experienced and successful entrepreneur when you step out of your college or university.
  • Building an online business while studying gives you an excellent opportunity to expand the business after you complete your graduation and have a backup profession in which you can either take up a real time profession or side hustle while doing another job.
  • Above all, you can make your Resume or CV unique from your classmates and other freshers. Having information about your own online business in your resume gives a strong positive perspective of your potential, skills, and character that opens up the doors of the best opportunities for you.

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag and Start your Online Business Now!

I understand that as a student you will be facing many fears and mental agitations to start and run an online business. But you can overcome the fears of starting, managing, and running your online business with Singlebag.

Fear of starting an online business

The first fear that you will be having is how to start an online business, so Singlebag offers an array of free tutorials of certified courses in educating how to start an online store and online business. Apart from this, our expert support team will guide you on the right path to get started and manage your online business. They will be available 24/7 and you can get in touch with them at any time.

Fear of creating an online store

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag in creating your online store. We are a Student-friendly eCommerce platform where you can start, manage, and run your business easily from your mobile or desktop. With our “Store Manager app”, you can manage your business from anywhere and at any time and you can also sell your products to consumers across the world from your classroom or your home.

We also provide a manual to educate you about e-commerce websites, and Singlebag. Above all, our Singlebag partners help you with building the online store and running your online business where they build your online store on your behalf.

Fear of Investment

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag in capital requirement and investment decisions as we provide you with affordable pricing plans that range from Rs. 4,999 to Rs. 19,999 and you can choose the plan that fits your desire. As said earlier, with very little investment you can start your online business with savings and pocket money.

Fear of managing and running a business

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag in managing your business, orders, and sales. Managing your online business is very simple with a Singlebag, you don’t have to travel to a workspace, you don’t need a warehouse to stock up your inventory and most importantly you don’t have to do math about your business performance, which is a great relief for you.

You just have to add another tab on your mobile or desktop and log in to your Singlebag store account, where you can see your business performance from our comprehensive dashboard, add inventory, market with built-in marketing tools, and sell your projects. So, you can manage your business while scrolling the feeds on Instagram. 

Fear of delivering your product

As a student, you would be really worried about the cost of delivery services, but you don’t have to worry with Singlebag. We provide you with a Revolutionized delivery agent app where you can handle the delivery of products on your own by assessing your own delivery agents. You can easily track them and the status of delivery from your dashboard.

Fear of competitors and the market (Community / Customization)

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag in competing with your competitors and facing the challenges of staying in the market. Firstly in the context of making your online store stand out from your customers, Singlebag offers attractive customizations like themes, brands, sliders, banner ads, and many more.

Secondly, to gain knowledge about the market and competitors we offer you with vibrant “Community” which is a forum that connects expertise, entrepreneurs, common people, and others worldwide. You can ask questions, answer doubts, share your opinions, and gain knowledge from the members. You can also redeem exciting rewards by just engaging in the group and earning points.

Fear of reaching consumers

#BeFearlessWithSinglebag in reaching your consumers, we provide you with effective built-in marketing tools to attract consumers while educating you about the marketing tools and strategies through easy-to-read blogs and attractive posts on our social media platforms. 

Also, you have great marketing tools in your hand itself, wonder what, none other than the powerful “Instagram”, what more is popular than Instagram, you can attract worldwide consumers by marketing your brand on Instagram and other social media platforms which have easy access.

“Don’t let your fear blackmail your present passion and ruin a successful future”

Bottom line

So, you can easily make money online by starting your online business with a Singlebag and becoming financially stable while you study.  If you are a student, who has other goals to be achieved, starting an online business would always be an alternative source of income.

And if you are an average or below-average student who has a fear of the future and didn’t figure out what to do in the future, don’t be upset, you can still excel in your life if you have a passion. Make your passion for a profession and prosper in your life with Singlebag.

So, #BeFearlessWithSinglebag and start your online business now!

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