Organic marketing

What are Organic Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2024?

organic marketing

Using the most natural ways to market your brand or products instead of paid marketing efforts is what Organic Marketing is in the business world?

This means that you put real time and effort into generating traffic for your website using blogs, email newsletters, and other social media channels. Interesting? Organic marketing may become simple for you as you pass through the learning curve and navigate your way, so keep reading further.

How Organic marketing works?

Organic marketing hits your desired target but takes a lot of time, effort, and functioning based on efficiency and quantity. This will eventually bag your target and elevate your performance. Though it sounds tiring, it can be fun when you need it to be.

Through organic marketing, your goal is to build pathos with your audience, in other words, you need to make your brand establish an emotional bond with your audience.

Here are five simple tips to build organic marketing with ease.


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Blogging is the most efficient way to not only build brand awareness but also educate entrepreneurs by making relevant and credible knowledge related to your field of business.

It has become widely known that precise and quality content increases web traffic by 7.8 times. This makes blogging the best way to produce content that will benefit you in varied ways.

When producing any type of content, including blogs, keep in mind that you need to use relevant keywords. Do your keyword research and discover the ones that are viewed and clicked on many times and interweave those keywords into your unique content.

Visual content

Visual content

Making visual content, or in other words video content, is different and more challenging than producing blogs.

Making visual content means that you will be able to help the audience visualize what you what to tell them. This is also highly subjective as each individual will have a different perspective.

According to YouTube statistics, almost 84% of customers engaged with a brand after watching a YouTube video or an ad featuring the brand or the product.

YouTube is the most widely used platform by marketers (statistics point to 55% of marketers using YouTube), YouTube for marketing is the smartest way to take advantage of visual marketing content.

Another way to market your content is by making posts, reels, and stories on social media.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another way to bring organic traffic to your site. Using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn will increase visibility.

Social media also helps you test and experiment with your target audience every once in a while, which makes your site dynamic. But keep in mind that you are only using social media to drive traffic to your ecommerce website.

Apart from this, conducting contests, making announcements, and distributing giveaways help you invoke momentary curiosity and cause site traffic for short periods.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

SEO marketing involves extensive keyword research and use, building backlinks or anchor texts, and collaborating or finding collaborators for the sake of being featured and discovered by search engines.

These are some of the foundational methods but include optimizing navigation and the structure of your site, finding authoritative host websites, Google Search Console, and sitemaps, etc.

The result that you will seek to achieve through SEO marketing is to use SEO tools and methods to generate organic traffic and obtain a good google rank.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs in simple words are collaborating with another marketer, ecommerce person, or an influencer who will market your brand and products to their audience redirecting them to your site.

Even if they are not interested in buying from you, they will be made to engage with you because they have been influenced by someone they trust.

This type of organic marketing involves a good amount of research, and communication and relies on trust.

The affiliate will receive a profit from the sales that are made through their presentation of your brand. This is easy, reliable, and helps you network too!


These are some of the key tips you must be equipped with to use organic marketing productively. Organic marketing is cost-effective and helps you communicate not only with your existing customers but also with the audience that you don’t target.

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