Followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram in 2024

Followers on Instagram

Instagram is now the most widely used social media platform around the world, with over 2 billion active users. If you’re wondering what makes more followers on Instagram and so engaging, the question itself is your answer. Instagram is known for its engaging content that drives people towards it.

There are so many things you can do with Instagram with few tricks we can utilize the platform properly. It’s never too late for new beginnings and in 2023 you could achieve the popularity you deserve.

But why Instagram?

What could you possibly do on Instagram other than lazily scroll through your feed and binge watch reels? You can have fun on Instagram and maintain your own aesthetics but if you are a business or more specifically a small business or an ecommerce business that has just begun your online store, you need exposure and to build brand awareness. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig deep.

Here are some great moves you could make to change your Instagram game and nudge your business forward.

Did you know that India has the highest number of Instagram users in the world scoring almost 201 million users? Add this to the list of reasons you need to jump into Instagram marketing.

Your Bio, Your Story

Instagram bios are the first thing your profile visitor sees so it is only wise to make it interesting, compelling and informative for your new followers. But remember to keep it simple. Overdoing the information will be overkill.

Talk about your brand, use words economically but also frame it in such a way that it piques your potential followers’ interest.

Don’t forget to add a link to your website or ecommerce store and in case you have special offers that you are offering on your website make, sure to add a link to it too so that your customers stay on the same page on what’s happening.

Hashtags that Brag

Hashtags are a crucial element of the Instagram algorithm. Hashtags are essential to attract the attention of your intended target audience. Use brand specific hashtags that focus on your brand, your products or anything related to your business.

Create Reels and Add Stories

Reels and stories are immensely engaging and have higher chances of being viewed than posts so consider making creative, relevant and conversational reels and Instagram stories.

Engage your followers by asking them questions in your stories, ask for suggestions or engage them in daily tasks of your choice but make sure that you show up on your followers’ feed at least once a day or every three days a week.

Actively posting and producing engaging content will keep up the spirit of your page and also lets your followers and your potential customers know that you are highly responsive.

Attack the Target

This doesn’t mean you literally have to attack your target audience. Catch the attention of your target audience by following them back, engaging with their content etc.

You can also try this with your competitor’s followers as they are well versed with the field your brand falls under. This will help you gain followers and also understand your competitors better.

There is no harm in knowing what your competitors are up to!

Get others talking about you

Find influencers who engage with brands or products similar to yours and send them a copy of your product for them to review. If you have a difficult time filtering influencers using this method, simply find famous influencers who have more than 30,000 followers, contact them using the contact details provided by them in their bio and tada! A collaboration.

You can also invite other brands to collaborate with yours, sponsor your favorite influencer and attract the attention of their followers to your brand.

Advertise using Instagram and their tools

Leveraging the tools provided by Instagram will give you a better understanding on how advertising on Instagram works.

Go to Facebook Ad Manager and find your way around social media advertising. Make sure your ads are creative, match your aesthetic, echoes your brand voice and uses less words that convey the right message.

Another great perk of using Instagram are the tools that are available for you to engage with your audience more accurately.

You can use tools like Linktree, Hootsuite, Phlanx etc for scheduling, getting concise and concrete analytics and much more. Explore the tools that would benefit you and your business.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is precise and to the point. This ensures that you don’t deviate and stay on the right lane.

This will build an ethos for your brand and with which your audience might also get emotionally involved. Connecting with your followers on a personal level is key to building a long term relationship with them.

Coupons, giveaways, contests

Coupons, giveaways and contests go a long way with your audience because it is entertaining. Some ideas like asking your followers to tag their friends on your post or conducting a contest where the person with zero likes on their comment wins a gift will not only expose your brand to a wide range of audience but will also make your page a fun community instead of being drowned in business mundanity.

The main idea is to get more followers on Instagram and make your page a swarming hive and hence, you have to embrace creativity with a tinge of simplicity and minimalism and at the same time be hyperactive so that your followers are constantly made to engage with you one way or the other.

Since social media has become a part of every household quite literally, it is smart to use it as a channel to make yourself known.

Social media marketing is also the most inexpensive method to market your brand, so why not grab the golden opportunity? But don’t just take the golden egg and leave the duck to its own fate.

Show off your Instagram profile on your other social media platforms too.

Make 2023 count. Not just in the aspect of memories but also in the context of currency and just more people to groove with your brand.

Is there a more fun way to market, network and have fun while your business is thriving?

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