Small businesses

Simple and Cost-effective Ways to Support Small Businesses 

Small businesses

Did you know? In the past 5 years, 55% of small businesses worldwide were launched in India.

83% of the small businesses went online in the past 5 years. Small businesses are the backbone of any economy as most of them are sustainable.

There are many ways we could support a small business other than buying from them. It is also very simple and cost-free.  

Let us see some of the ways in which you could help a small business 

  1. Leave Your Review 
  1. Spread the Buzz 
  1. Engage and React 
  1. Share on Social Platforms 
  1. Sign up for Newsletter 
  1. Monthly Patronage 
  1. Take Them Online 

Leave your review 

Every customer review is important for any business to grow even if it is good or bad. Good reviews give motivation and bad reviews make them work harder to become better. Your input matters in shaping their journey towards excellence.

Your reviews motivate them to innovate and refine. It ensures an even better experience in the future. 

Spread the Buzz 

If you had a good experience, tell it to your friends and family. Word of mouth of ancient yet powerful marketing strategy till now. When you say how much you liked something, you can make more people interested and want to try it too. 

Engage and React 

Leave your thoughts about the product in the comment section of social media platforms. It increases the credibility of the product in the eyes of customers. It adds authenticity to the product’s reputation so that prospects are more likely to consider it.  

Share on Social Platforms 

We have a wide range of social media nowadays. Any post on social media has a huge impact on anyone. Just post a picture of the business or product with your comments and show support.

Your post can make a big difference and help more people know about what the business offer. 

Sign up for Newsletter 

If there’s a newsletter available, consider signing up for it. This simple step not only shows appreciation for their efforts but also keeps you updated with their latest developments. It fosters a sense of connection and mutual support.

A small recognition for their work could go a long way. 

Monthly Patronage 

In the era of Quick commerce, we mostly move to order online or from big brands. You could make a difference by atleast making one purchase per month from a small business. You could also make it one per ten purchases from small businesses.

Your intentional choices contribute to sustaining smaller ventures in a competitive market. It makes a notable difference one transaction at a time. 

Take Them Online with Singlebag 

If you are the one already engaging in the good Samaritan moves mentioned above, then you have one best way left to help them. Take their business online with us – SINGLEBAG.

It could also help small businesses to expand their horizon and you will get a reward for promoting their business. You will get 25% recurring revenue once they subscribe to the platform.

It does not stop there; the good news is the revenue recurs on each subscription. 

Join as a Singlebag Partner today!  

Singlebag Partner Program offers you the flexibility to work Anywhere, anytime! If you are interested in an online business or entrepreneurship career, we are looking for you!

Join today and enjoy the benefits of 25% monthly recurring revenue on each subscription.  

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All the above-mentioned ways are simple and cost-free. You will have the fulfilment of making a positive impact while gaining something special in return.

Why don’t you try supporting a small business and win a reward for your good work?  

Try Singlebag Now! 

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