Partner Program

10 Reasons to Join the Popular Singlebag Partner Program  

Partner Program

Singlebag is an e-commerce platform offering a website to host your own online store. Singlebag Partners are the pillars of our platform as they bring in more sellers to us through Partner Program.  

The Singlebag Partner Program is suitable for anyone – yes, ANYONE!  

You can be a Homemaker, Freelancer, Job seeker, Student, or even a Partner in other e-commerce platforms, our Partner program is designed for you! 

Here are the 10 reasons why you should join the Partner Program! 

  1. Join for Free 
  1. Empower Small Businesses 
  1. Work Anywhere, Anytime 
  1. Earn 25% recurring commission  
  1. Exclusive 10% discount  
  1. Unlimited Seller Referrals 
  1. Effortless Multi-Referrals 
  1. Simple Store Building Process 
  1. Skill development at Singlebag Academy 
  1. Explore New career opportunities 

1. Join for Free 

The Singlebag Partner program is absolutely free. You can join the program in a few steps.  

2. Empower Small Businesses 

If you are in search of a ‘purpose’ to join the program, here it is! Singlebag E-commerce platform is dedicated to empowering small businesses.

Join us in the movement. Refer the Singlebag platform to small and medium businesses you know from Tea shops to Unique boutiques, we can accommodate all.  

3. Work Anywhere, Anytime 

Say goodbye to the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job. As a Partner, you have the freedom to work from Anywhere, Anytime. Our platform enables you to manage your business on your terms. Who says ‘No’ to money earned in own terms? 

4. Earn 25% recurring commission  

Singlebag Partner Program offers a 25% recurring commission for each subscription by the seller. For example, if a seller subscribes to a plan of 20,000, as a partner you will get 25% of the plan i.e., 5,000.

If next year, the seller renews the plan, then you will again get 25% and this goes on. So, let’s see a broad picture, if you refer one customer per month, then your annual income at the end of the year will be ₹60,000.

Amazing right? 

5. Exclusive 10% discount  

Singlebag also has an Exclusive ‘Premium Business License’ for Partners. Once registered as a Partner, you can get this license that helps you to subscribe to a store at a 10% discount.

So, if the cost of the store is originally 5000, you will get that at 4500.

If you onboard a seller, instead of creating a new store for him, you can give the store you already have a license for. Now the seller will subscribe it for 5000 to the seller, so you get 500 profits. 

6. Unlimited Seller Referrals 

You will have a doubt here! If the program is so awesome, then they would have kept a check by limiting the referral.

But Singlebag stands out here! You have no limit on referrals. You can refer unlimited sellers to our platform.

Each referral is an opportunity for both you and your prospect to flourish in the world of E-commerce. 

7. Effortless Multi-Referrals 

You can also bring many sellers simultaneously. If you bring four sellers, you can onboard them and get a reward for each contribution. It is so easy to handle with our streamlined process. 

8. Simple Store Building Process 

Don’t worry about technical hurdles. Our user-friendly platform ensures a simple store-building process. Create an online store for the seller within minutes. 

9. Skill Development at Singlebag Academy 

Are you a beginner with zero knowledge of E-commerce? But interested in online business or entrepreneurship? You can develop your skills by signing up for Free certification courses in our Singlebag Academy.

We not only provide products, but we are striving to educate a whole generation. 

10. Explore New Career Opportunities 

You can explore new career opportunities with Singlebag. If you are interested in business or entrepreneurship, this is the best platform you are searching for. 


increase revenue

Singlebag offers a Partner Program for anyone who is interested in a career in entrepreneurship with the perk of the flexibility of work.

It is a great opportunity to explore a new career in E-commerce entrepreneurship. Don’t miss the opportunity! 

Join Singlebag Now! 

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