How To Start an Online Store Easily In 2024?

How To Start an Online Store Easily In 2024?

How To Start an Online Store Easily In 2024?

It’s 2024! The dream of starting your own online store is more achievable than ever. The evolving landscape of e-commerce platforms makes it accessible even for those who may not have a tech-savvy background. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps on how to start an online store easily in 2024, with a spotlight on the user-friendly Singlebag platform

How to Start an Online Store? 

Imagine you are a seller selling art and craft supplies. What are the options available for you to sell online? You can sell through either E-Commerce Platform or E-Marketplace.  

What is an Ecommerce Platform? 

E-Commerce platforms and E-Marketplace are used interchangeably in our conversations often. Let’s be honest, most of us are not aware of their exact meaning or the differences. Many online buyers or shoppers assume that Ecommerce platform and Emarketplace are simply places to buy products and they both serve the same purpose. They both may appear similar yet are so different.  

How E-marketplace works? 

The first option that a lot of us are aware of is E-Marketplace. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Walmart, etc., are examples of E-Marketplaces. You can go to the e-marketplaces and list your products there! If anyone buys your product from there, those E-Marketplaces would take some amount as commission and give the remaining amount as profit to you. But here comes the problem! There will be a lot of other sellers like you in those E-Marketplaces.  

What is the issue with E-marketplace? 

If a buyer is looking for art and craft supplies, it provides around 1000 results, which makes it difficult for you to feature your product at the top of the listing. So, the competition here is very high. Even if you wanted to feature your product at the top, you don’t have control over it, and it works based on the algorithms of such e-marketplace. 

How does an E-commerce platform work? 

The second option you have is selling through an E-Commerce Platform. There are plenty of e-commerce platform providers available. Singlebag, Shopify, Dukaan, Woo commerce, etc., are some of the examples. E-Commerce Platforms help you to create your store online.

You can create a separate website for your store with their software. Here, you have the entire control over your product and trade. It also has its drawbacks. You should do your product’s marketing, delivery and promotion.  

How to choose the Best E-commerce Platform for your online store? 

Selecting the right platform is the cornerstone of your online store. In the thriving Indian e-commerce market, it’s crucial to pick the best online store. Welcome to Singlebag, a robust platform that not only offers a user-friendly interface but also a bunch of features making the setup of your online store attractive. 

How to start an online store easily? 


Singlebag, an e-commerce platform provider, empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their online stores. In the rapidly growing e-commerce sector, Singlebag offers a solution for all businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises by mitigating the burdensome commissions associated with major e-marketplaces. Through Singlebag, they gain greater empowerment and control over their online presence. 

Sign up and Choose a Plan 

Start your journey by signing up on the Singlebag platform. Once registered, choose a plan that suits your business needs. With flexible plans catering to various business sizes, Singlebag ensures you get the best for affordable price. 

Selecting a Domain Name 

Your online store’s address matters. Choose a memorable and relevant domain name that resonates with your brand. Singlebag simplifies this process, providing tools to check domain availability and assisting you in securing the perfect name for your online store. You can also integrate your already existing domain for free with Singlebag. 

Designing Your Online Store 

No coding skills? No problem. Singlebag’s customizable templates make designing your online store a creative and stress-free process. Create a visually appealing and professional-looking shop that represents your brand effortlessly. 

How to Add Products to Online Store? 

Populate your online store with products by uploading images, crafting compelling product descriptions, and setting prices. Singlebag streamlines this process, allowing you to manage your inventory effortlessly. 

Setup Payment Gateways for Online store 

Enable secure transactions by integrating popular payment gateways. Singlebag supports multiple options, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for your customers. It supports a range of currencies around the world. 

Optimize Online Store for Mobile Devices 

Given the rise of mobile shoppers, ensure your store is mobile-friendly. Singlebag’s responsive design guarantees your online store looks and functions flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. 

Promote Your Online Store 

Building the store is just the beginning, you need to drive traffic and convert visitors into customers. Leverage social media to showcase your products and engage with your audience. Singlebag integrates seamlessly with various platforms, making your social media presence an integral part of your e-commerce strategy. 

Implementing SEO Strategies 

Optimize your online store for search engines to increase visibility. Singlebag provides tools and guidance to implement SEO strategies, helping your store rank higher in search results. 

Running Marketing Campaigns 

Create and run marketing campaigns using Singlebag’s built-in tools. From discounts to promotional offers, Singlebag empowers you to attract and retain customers through effective marketing strategies. 


Starting an online store in 2024 is an attainable goal, especially with user-friendly platforms like Singlebag. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the process seamlessly and establish a successful online presence for your business.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time store owner, Singlebag provides the tools and support you need to make your e-commerce venture a success. Get started today and unlock the limitless potential of the online marketplace. Your journey towards e-commerce success begins with a single bag – Singlebag. 

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