How to make money as a Singlebag Partner?

Are you an enthusiastic Entrepreneur who wants to encourage other Entrepreneurs and make money online?

Then, you are in the right place!

The Singlebag Partner Program brings together outstanding entrepreneurs who help to build and grow people’s businesses. Singlebag partners are vibrant members of the Singlebag partner program. They are dedicated to helping people with business ideas and businessmen who struggle to move online by setting up an online store in Singlebag for them.

Our Singlebag partner program provides ambitious partners with all the basic knowledge and skills they need to help online stores grow and succeed.

Enjoy the fruit of being a Singlebag Partner

The prime goal of Singlebag Partners is to “Encourage Entrepreneurs”, where you inspire budding online entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in their online businesses by creating an online store and becoming our valued Store Owners.

By doing so, you help others and earn a 25% revenue share on their subscription.

So, as a Singlebag partner, you can earn additional income through the commissions generated from creating stores for your clients, apart from running your own business. You can consider this a full-time profession or a side hustle to multiply your income.

It is the best source of passive income and recurring income as you will receive this commission for every year of a generated subscription.

How to make money as a Singlebag Partner?

Here’s how you can make money as a Partner.

Firstly, to become a Singlebag partner, you must be a Singlebag user. As previously mentioned, you will receive a 25% commission for bringing in new store owners.

Singlebag has three levels of subscription plans ranging from basic, startup, and large enterprises with affordable yearly subscriptions of Rs 4,999, Rs 9,999, and Rs 19,999, respectively, which provides a user-friendly and cost-effective e-commerce platform for all.

If your client wants to enroll for a basic plan, then you will earn Rs 1249.75 (4,999 * 25/100) as a commission from Singlebag. You can then create a store for the client from your dashboard. Suppose you create a store and make your client subscribe to a Rs 19,999 plan, then you will get Rs 4,999.75 (19,999 * 25/100) as a commission.

So, if you sign up for 1 store owner in a month you will receive Rs 4,999.75 commission. Imagine if you can sign up and create 10 stores in a month, you will be able to earn Rs 49,997.5! By actively doing so every month, you can earn up to Rs 5,99,970 within a year.

Our freely available commission calculator allows you to calculate and predict your commission earnings easily.

Moreover, this income will recur every year as you continue to be supportive and maintain a good relationship with your clients. There is no limit to the number of store owners you can bring in and the online stores you can create.

Therefore, there is no limit on your earnings and profits. The easiest yet most effective way to introduce more clients is by showcasing your work.

“The more you introduce, the more you gain”

Sounds Awesome, Right?

Become a Singlebag Partner in a few minutes!

Any rational Entrepreneur who wants to achieve optimum profits and maximize their satisfaction would never deny the opportunity to become a Singlebag Partner. You can now join as a Singlebag Partner with zero cost in just a few minutes through our easy and effective e-commerce platform.

Firstly, click the Partner Program on the Singlebag website and choose “Become a partner”. Then Register as a Singlebag partner by providing some basic details like name, email ID, and password.

After successfully registering, Sign up a new client to Singlebag and create an online store for them by giving their details like customer details, store credentials (created during store registration), payment mode, transaction ID, plan, and shop name, and save it.

To create a shop, go to Admin Panel > Shops > Create Shop

You can view all the shops from the “All Shops” menu which displays all active, suspended, pending, and deleted shops. Also, you can view the details about the total number of shops, inactive shops, and, your total Earnings from the automated dashboard.

By becoming a partner you will also get free access to the Singlebag Partners Community and Academy where you can discuss and build friends with other partners, e-commerce experts, and merchants.

Why are you still waiting?

Join now and make more money as a passionate Singlebag partner.

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