Building Backlinks: The Backbone of Your Ecommerce Business.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks, in simple terms, are links that are posted on another website that, on clicking, lead to your website. These links are the fundamental tools of any eCommerce website. These backlinks are presented in the form of ‘anchor texts’ which are clickable hyperlinks.

Knowing Your Way Around Backlinks

Imagine that you are opening a new online store that sells handcrafted bookmarks. To popularize or promote your business you will find a famous bookstore account, book review blogs, or any informative website that talks about books.

And you will create a direct hyperlink to your website to post on or rather advertise on the host website. This hyperlink on the host website is called the backlink. Ultimately, when a reader is browsing for something else on the host site, they will be desired to check out your online bookmarks store and might be driven to even purchase from you.

This is the power of a backlink.

Technical Aspects of a Backlink

To understand the importance of backlinks it is necessary to know how it works in more technical terms. Here we will explain it to you in a more understandable way.

  • The concept of relevant hosts- When you find a host for your backlink, make sure that the host site is “authoritative”. This will portray the credibility of your site because you are published on a famous site that people are widely aware of, a site that has an assertive brand identity, and a site that will establish you as someone worthy of being associated with such brands.
  • Keywords and Google’s algorithm- Google’s algorithm primarily focuses on whether or not you use effective keywords and whether your content is keyword rich. And it is important to make sure that the keywords are highlighted in the anchor text. This is how “votes” function. The more backlinks you have, the more votes you obtain. These votes determine how useful and valuable your site is.
  • Bringing back the relevancy- When you post a backlink, the content in the host website must be relevant to your brand, product, or services. If the audience is taken to an unrelated website, they might feel like your backlink is clickbait. So focus on relevancy when researching for a host.

The why’s: Why should you use backlinks for your Ecommerce Business

Technically, backlinks are complex but when you know your way around how to use them productively, you will have an idea as to how to use them to market your online business more efficiently. This inbound links function is a gateway for consumers, it opens up a new world for them all together while you benefit from it.

Always have a “linkable asset”. This means having things that are worthy of being published on other sites. This is as equally important as being relevant and finding a relevant host.

Did you know that generating effective and powerful backlinks can make you a threat to other ecommerce brands like Amazon, Flipkart etc?

Being searched, featured more, and getting attention in google is not an easy job for a newbie. So if you are new to the eCommerce hub all this might go over your head.

There is abundant material on the internet about generating backlinks, what’s important is whether you pick out the information and the methodology that benefits you the best.

E-commerce is a highly competitive field so every small step you make is noteworthy.

The how’s: how do you obtain backlinks?

An ample understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary to gauge your success in producing and using backlinks. SEO is basically knowing what your audience needs and aligning your content based on it so that when they need information on products or services pertaining to what you provide, you get to pop up on their screen first and they use you.

SEO is now the most essential process in every business online and your eCommerce business has to use these SEO tools the best to be successful as well as make a mark in the industry as valuable.

Referral traffic

When you are the host site and you feature a backlink for another credible site, people will be attracted to your site based on their search for the content that the backlink provides and this eventually builds traffic on your page.

This function on views and on clicks. This is called referral traffic. So when obtaining backlinks make sure that the link attracts traffic to your site.

In case you are the owner of the backlink, make sure that you find a pertinent host site so that you bring traffic to the site and they will feature you more and also so that you grow steadily in your business.

Make navigation easy

This is important as the audience tends to get more annoyed when your site is very complicated. When building a business online, when you have an Estore or an eCommerce website, making your website navigable is a primary concern.

On generating a backlink to your site/store, don’t hide the content inside multiple pages. The page you intend for your audience to see must be either one or two clicks away and not more.

Blogs: The solution to all

This cannot be stressed enough. A blog for your eCommerce business is the most amazingly effective tool you could ever lay hands on. Blogging is a smart strategy for smart business minds.

Your product or service should provide a solution to your customer’s needs, so why not write about it? When you write about the industry in general, you might even get published on other related sites, eventually hitting two targets in a single shot.

Summing it up

You might now have an outline of what backlinks are, why and how to use them effectively to increase the exposure and growth of your Ecommerce business. Backlinks are tools but you have to use the right surface to see results.

Writing blogs, getting featured on other business sites, partnering with other brands to market yourself and them at the same time, fixing broken backlinks and asking your provider, supplier and reseller to publish your backlinks are constructive and effective strategies in using backlinks to score in your Ecommerce business game.

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