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A Boon For The Customers And A Revolution In The E-commerce World!

“For we are part of it & there is no other way to ignore it.

Let’s embrace it with an open heart as eCommerce is the future!”

With the catastrophe that COVID-19 made in most segments of the global economy, the entire business pattern or mode changed upside down. Everything has changed—the behaviors of the people, environmental balance, consumerism, so on commerce. Though the pandemic hindered the growth of many industries, it has aided the success in several businesses, especially eCommerce or online commerce, or digital commerce.


E-Commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet and it has been around for close to three decades. Starting in the 1980s, eCommerce has generated 19% of all retail to date.

In recent times, there is explosive growth in eCommerce. Post-pandemic:

1. Over 50% of all Internet users have made an online purchase spending over 1.5 trillion dollars a year.

2. Nearly 150,000,000 million new buyers purchased online, which increased the sales of E-Commerce platforms in 2021.

3. More than 50% of internet users will continue to shop online in the coming days.

Yet, this revolution spreads even further beyond the actual pandemic and has affected many to become successful entrepreneurs!

Here at Singlebag, we’re helping to design the future for entrepreneurs all over the world that allows them to drive more revenue by creating a spectacular online store and providing arresting digital experiences for their customers.


Singlebag is an eCommerce platform or a tool that helps you set up an online store, market and sell your products to global customers. Whether you are a startup or an established business, Singlebag is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that helps you stabilize and boost your business. We are the first e-commerce platform for a variety of businesses in different realms that you can imagine.

Apart from a mere eCommerce platform, Singlebag comes with

  1. a Partner program portal, where you can join as a partner and earn passively by helping the offline shop owners move their store online. (Singlebag Partner Program)
  1. a Community with merchandise, where you can interact, get advice, help budding entrepreneurs with your expertise, write blogs & articles. With all these, you can earn reward points and buy unique Singlebag products. (Singlebag Community)
  1. an Academy, where you can join as a student and become a Singlebag certified Digital Marketer, eCommerce Professional, Partner, Store Manager & eCommerce expert. Moreover, you can access all the courses completely free of cost. (Singlebag Academy)


As a competitor to Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms, Singlebag offers customized and easy store/website/app integration as a vital part of its launch phase. Based on your subscription to the available three plans, your online store will be created in a day.

Once your eStore is approved, you can create your website by your preference: Choose a theme, add your products with proper images, give attractive offers & coupons and then start selling your products.


Our eCommerce platform is the easiest platform you can find online. Creating an online store and selling your products is as easy as creating an Instagram reel. We take care of the technical factors while you can focus more on enhancing your online store every now and then. In the entire eCommerce industry, only

  1. Singlebag provides three plans with the same features except for the product limit and the storage limit.
  2. Singlebag introduces delivery module (you can manage & take care of the delivery of your products) and reseller module (you can buy from other business/customers/platform and sell using our platform).
  3. Singlebag allows the partners to have a recurring revenue of 25% every year according to the rotating subscription of the store owners.


The future of eCommerce is mostly influenced by the use of artificial intelligence and M-Commerce. AI, in eCommerce, contributes to an improved user experience through personalized buying experiences.

M-Commerce is nothing but shopping through a mobile device. Today, no one is without a mobile phone or a laptop. Also, there’s a growing trend of buying and selling merchandise online as the pandemic has changed consumer lifestyles and buying patterns. Several social media platforms like Meta, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest have added ‘buy now’ buttons to make it easy for consumers to purchase easily as well save time.

Therefore, eCommerce is the trend, and adopting it is the right & wise decision to survive and excel in any business. Looking at statistics today, no investor hesitates to fund the startups or the established businesses that are using the eCommerce platform and technology.

If you are an entrepreneur, it’s the right time to join Singlebag and establish your career and future. Because ‘Everything starts with an Idea! Everything starts with Singlebag!’

Key Features

Singlebag eCommerce platform comes with unique tools and a user-friendly approach to help you sell online.

  • Make online stores with smartphones and share them with your customers on different social media platforms.
  • Launch your online store in 5 mins with just three simple steps: Open the website, sign up with the required details and create your eStore.
  • Product listing, order management, payment tracking and delivery details can be done in a single portal as well as in the app.
  • Instant approval for your online store with an in-built SSL certificate.
  • 8+ easy and secure payment gateways and instant transaction approvals.
  • Free and powerful marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and WhatsApp API.
  • Portable QR code options along with domain customization and web hosting.
  • Multiple and unlimited product upload options.
  • User-friendly interface and a comprehensive dashboard both in mobile and PC.
  • Integrated and easy store management online.
  • No server failures and secured data service.
  • Multiple and customizable website templates & themes. Also, easy drag-and-drop website creation is available.
  • Effective customer support 24/7.

Good data insights and visibility.

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