International chess day

Which Chess Piece Do You Want to be in Business?


Did you know that International Chess Day is being celebrated on July 20th? What comes to your mind when you think of chess? Is it images of checkerboards, black and white squares, kings, or queens? In school, the top-grade students were often the ones who enjoyed playing chess.

But there were many others who never gave the game a chance. Have you ever wondered why? Chess is always considered to be an intellectual game.

History of Chess:

Chess is one of the oldest and most strategic games ever played. In the past, it was linked to war and strategy, where a King protected his army from the opponent’s attacks.

In India, there was a war strategy called ‘Chaturanga’ that gave rise to the modern-day chess we know today.

Chess has now become popular worldwide, with different versions played across the globe. It’s interesting that India is known as a ‘Land of Grandmasters’, with an impressive count of 82 Grandmasters.

Chess and Business:

Chess is often used as a metaphor for business strategy and positioning, and it makes sense too! No matter how talented your team is, your success depends on how effectively you use them. It’s important to remember that no chess piece is superior or inferior to another.

Every player has a vital role, just like every member of a team in the business. Success is a collective effort.

Meet the Chess Pieces:

One chess set consists of two colour sets. Each colour consists of one King, one Queen, two Bishops, two Knights, two Rooks and eight Pawns. Totally one chess set has 16 black and 16 white pieces.

Let’s play Chess zodiac:

Imagine playing a fun zodiac sign game. While not everyone believes in astrology, many enjoy it as a lighthearted game. Now, let’s play a similar game with chess pieces. Are you ready? Let’s discover which chess piece best represents your role in the business!

  • King: The Visionary Leader
  • Queen: The Agile Strategist
  • Rook: The Sturdy Executor
  • Bishop: The Innovative Thinker
  • Knight: The Problem Solver
  • Pawn: The Contributor

Let’s find out Which Chess Piece Do You Want to Be in Business?

KING – The Visionary Leader

We may think that the entire game of chess revolves around the King but that is not true. King is the one who keeps the team intact by maintaining a collaborative environment and keeping an eye on the competitors.

If you are a person who leads a company or a team with a clear vision. If you have a commanding presence and an ability to make critical decisions quickly, then you are the King.

QUEEN – The Agile Strategist

The King is said to be the most important character in chess, yet the Queen is the most powerful chess piece. The queen symbolizes versatility and adaptability. 

If you’re great at understanding complicated situations and coming up with flexible plans. If you can adapt quickly to market changes, then you’d make an excellent Queen. 

Simply put, if you are a strategist with a broad skill set then you make a good Queen.

The Rook: The Sturdy Executor

Rooks are the cornerstone of chess, guarding the flanks and launching powerful attacks. A good strategy is not just one well-planned, it is one well-executed. If executing strategies, managing operations, and ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning is your forte, then you are definitely a rookie.

Your attention to detail and ability to navigate through challenges is an invaluable asset to any organization.

The Bishop: The Innovative Thinker

Bishops move diagonally across the board, symbolizing creativity and innovative thinking. If you are an individual who can see beyond conventional boundaries and bring in fresh perspectives, you are a Bishop. You drive innovation, identify new opportunities, and challenge existing norms, leading to the growth of the organization.

The Knight: The Problem Solver

Knights possess a unique move-set, allowing them to leap over other pieces on the board. Knight gives us a good lesson – Why destroy an obstacle when you can jump over it? Makes sense, right? If you can find creative solutions to complex problems, you are a Knight.

Your ability to navigate obstacles, use opportunities, and overcome challenges makes you an invaluable asset in a competitive environment.

The Pawn: The Contributor

Pawns are considered the weakest chess pieces but that is not true. Pawns are the soul of chess. They play a vital role in supporting the other pieces and advancing towards success. If you are an employee who exhibits dedication, resilience, and a willingness to learn and grow you are a pawn. Your consistent efforts contribute to the success of the organization and personal growth.


Chess highlights the importance of strategy, adaptability, execution, innovation, problem-solving, and perseverance. Each chess piece has unique qualities, yet the true essence lies in their collaboration towards a common goal. In business, it is the harmonious integration of these qualities that propels organizations toward success.

So, which chess piece do you want to be in the fascinating game of business? Let us know in the comment below.

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