Cash On Delivery

How COD Works? Why it is Important for an Online Business? 

Cash On Delivery

Do you know? Nearly 90% of the new buyers pay with Cash on Delivery (COD). In the dynamic world of E-commerce, convenience and trust play major roles in shaping consumer behaviour. One payment method that stands out for its simplicity and reliability is Cash on Delivery (COD).

Did you ever wonder why? Whenever we buy something online from a place or person who we are not familiar with, we often have a dilemma of being trapped in a scam.

In this blog, we will look into why COD holds immense importance for online businesses. 

The Mechanism Behind COD: 

Cash on Delivery is a payment method where customers have the option to pay for their online purchases in cash at the time of delivery.  

  1. Customers place an order on an e-commerce website 
  1. Select the COD option during checkout 
  1. The ordered products are delivered to their doorstep  
  1. Upon delivery, the customer hands over the payment to the delivery person 

What are the advantages of COD? 

1. Customer Convenience:  

COD addresses a major challenge that often stops potential online shoppers from buying online. It solves the hesitancy to share credit card information online.

Many individuals are cautious about exposing their financial details due to cyber threats. It thus makes COD an attractive option as it eliminates this major risk. 

2. Trust Factor:  

COD builds trust between the buyer and the seller. Customers feel more secure knowing that they will only pay when they receive the actual product.

This assurance reduces the chances of fraud and scams, fostering a sense of reliability in the online shopping experience. 

3. Overcoming Limited Digital Access:  

In certain regions, not everyone has access to digital payment methods. COD bridges this gap by accommodating a wider range of customers.

It ensures that no potential sale is lost due to the lack of online payment capabilities. 

Significance of COD for Online Businesses: 

The growth of online businesses is fuelled by many factors. Payment methods are an integral part of this ecosystem.

Cash on Delivery offers many advantages to online businesses. It helps them to serve a broader customer base while supporting customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

1. Expanding Customer Base:  

By offering COD as a payment option, online businesses tap into a population that may be hesitant or unable to make online payments.

This inclusion widens the potential customer base. It enables businesses to reach customers who would otherwise be excluded. 

2. Mitigating Cart Abandonment:  

One of the significant challenges for online businesses is cart abandonment. Customers abandon their shopping carts before completing a purchase.

Offering COD as an alternative payment method reduces this issue by providing customers with an option, they are comfortable with. It leads to higher conversion rates. 

3. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction:  

The ease of COD transactions directly contributes to customer satisfaction. When customers feel in control of their purchases and have a sense of security, they are more likely to have a positive shopping experience.

This, in turn, boosts their trust in the online business and encourages repeat purchases. 

4. Building Trust and Credibility:  

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful business, especially online. By implementing COD, businesses demonstrate a commitment to their customers’ preferences and concerns.

This commitment builds credibility and establishes a positive brand reputation. 

5. Navigating Diverse Markets:  

Global markets are characterized by diverse payment behaviours and preferences. COD accommodates these variations by adapting to the payment norms of specific regions.

It enables businesses to establish themselves in new markets with greater ease. 

6. Lower Return Rates:  

COD transactions often result in lower return rates compared to other payment methods. When customers pay after physically examining the product, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase.

It reduces the likelihood of returns and associated costs for businesses. 

Challenges and Considerations: 

1. Operational Complexity:  

Managing cash transactions during deliveries can introduce operational complexities. Businesses need robust systems to handle the logistics, payment reconciliation, and potential cash management challenges. 

2. Delayed Payments:  

Unlike digital payment methods, where businesses receive payments instantly, COD payments might be delayed until the products are delivered.

Businesses need to manage their cash flow effectively to accommodate these delays. 

3. Higher Costs:  

COD transactions can be more expensive due to the additional logistics involved, including handling cash, managing returns, and coordinating with delivery personnel.

Businesses need to assess whether the benefits outweigh the increased costs. 

4. Limited Tracking and Analytics:  

In digital payments, tracking and analysing COD transactions can be more challenging. Online businesses might have limited insights into customer behaviour and preferences. It can impact their marketing and sales strategies. 


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Cash on Delivery is a payment method that resonates with consumers who value convenience, security, and trust when shopping online.

Even though it is the oldest payment method used by online businesses, by offering COD as an option alongside other payment methods, they can establish themselves as customer-centric, reliable, and adaptable players in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

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