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6 Easy Eco-friendly Packaging ideas you need to Know on ‘No Plastic Bag’ Day!

Plastic Plastic Everywhere!
Plastic vs Eco-friendly packaging is not an easy debate to win. Inventor Gustaf Thulin probably would have never imagined that his remarkable invention would be under attack by environmentalists. Yet here we are, searching for eco-friendly packaging ideas to replace his invention on ‘No Plastic Bag’ Day. Before diving into the core, let’s learn a little bit about the story of plastic bags.

The Plastic stories!

The 20th century will be remembered not only for the worst wars but also for the Plastic Revolution (which was secretly used in the world wars). Leo Baekeland, widely known as the ‘Father of Plastic’ invented the first fully synthetic plastic in 1907. Its durability became both its advantage and disadvantage. People used the product because of this property, while environmentalists condemned it because of the same reason.

We are all quite familiar with plastic shopping bags (When was the last time we went shopping, without one?) and PET bottles which are abundantly used for food and beverages.

But do we really know where all this plastic ends up? The answer is, not exactly! Not only is its disposal a problem, but its production also heavily relies on fossil fuels, which environmentalists strongly oppose. While biodegradable plastics attempted to solve this problem, they often ended up in the same situation, as they rarely made it to the recycling facility.

One Package at a time

They say the journey of thousand miles often starts with a single step. Let’s be the ones who are willing to take that first step. In the world of E-commerce, plastic has become inevitable due to its durability, lightness and affordability. You could be the one who wishes for an affordable alternative to plastic even if seems challenging. We are here to help you!

Whether you are a seller, supplier, or inventory manager, these 6 ideas are very easy for you to implement. Join the “No Plastic Bag” club! It’s time to level up and make sustainable packaging the norm, not just a unique selling point!

6 Easy Eco-friendly Packaging ideas

  • Right-sized packaging
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Minimalistic design
  • Repurpose packaging
  • Product bundling
  • Collaboration with suppliers

1. Right-sized packaging

How many times have we received a package that is much larger than the actual product? This happens because the packaging is not optimized for the product. As responsible sellers or inventory managers, we can use right-sized packaging that doesn’t cost much but simply requires a little effort.

2. Biodegradable materials

We often associate eco-friendly with higher costs, but that’s not always the case. There are affordable biodegradable materials available that are safer than plastic. Even if they may be challenging to source, the online network nowadays makes it easier to find such suppliers.

3. Minimalistic design

The world, especially environmentalists, is moving towards minimalism, which means avoiding the unnecessary. By focusing on what is truly essential, we can reduce the space and damage caused by unnecessary design and packaging. The minimalistic design also reduces the materials used, thereby avoiding the use of plastic.

4. Repurpose packaging

Repurposing packaging means finding alternate uses for packaging materials or reusing them if returned undamaged. We can incentivize customers to return packaging materials undamaged by offering rewards or points that they can use as discounts on future purchases. This approach not only saves production costs but also fosters customer loyalty.

5. Product bundling

Instead of individually packaging every item in an order, consider product bundling for customers who place multiple orders. We can also provide an option for customers to choose product bundling when placing their orders. This reduces the need for excessive packaging materials and encourages more efficient use of resources.

6. Collaboration with suppliers

Change begins within, but when we spread that change as a positive impact on our surroundings, it becomes even more powerful. As sellers or inventory managers, we can collaborate with suppliers to implement these ideas and try to create a better eco-friendly environment together.

Singlebag Supplier

Singlebag is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that helps to stabilize and accelerate your online business. Singlebag is proud to have a supplier who is committed to sustainability by offering eco-friendly gifts and packaging items. We commend her efforts, especially on ‘No Plastic Bag’ Day.

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Every sustainable step we take today paves the way for a better tomorrow. On International Plastic Bag Free Day, let’s make a positive impact on our planet by implementing these 6 easy eco-friendly packaging ideas. Join us in celebrating this day and creating a better and sustainable future – Singlebag at a time!

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