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  • What is Half Swipe On Instagram And How to Use It?

    Posted by All on May 8, 2024 at 4:36 pm

    Half swipe is a useful feature of Instagram where users partially swipe into a chat to peek at it without marking it as read. It takes advantage of Instagram’s interface, allowing users a bit more privacy and control over their messaging.In this forum, I’ll show how you can use instagram half swipe feature to view someone’s messages or story discreetly without knowing them.

    1. Go to the Instagram app and tap on the DM’s icon.

    2. Find the Chat you want to see secretly and tap on it

    3. As soon as the chat loads, swipe the screen quickly. This prevents Instagram’s “Seen” feature from starting.

    4. Scroll down the chat without leaving this inbox. By doing so, the sender will not be aware that you have read their message.

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