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  • What are the features required for a decentralized exchange script?

    Posted by John on March 4, 2024 at 2:42 pm

    Decentralized Exchange Script is a pre-architected DEX platform used to trade digital assets like coins and tokens. This decentralized exchange script is preferable among entrepreneurs and startups interested in launching a DEX platform for businesses. The platform is chosen because it doesn’t involve intermediaries which is an add-on benefit for business by not involving central authorities like banks and organizations etc along with this there are attractive features that enhance the trading experience of users in the platform. Here are some of the features for your reference

    Instant Notification – Real-time updates of cryptos are indicated in the platform help traders to trade likable assets.

    Two-Factor Authentication- Used to enhance the safety of the platform and avoid fraudulent activities.

    Integrate Smart Contract- Integrating a smart contract helps you to make a seamless trading experience.

    Atomic Swap- The atomic swap option helps to swap crypto for crypto in an instant way that enhances the trading experience

    Decentralized Order Book- It helps traders in an effective way of trading by providing a trade history.

    Payment Gateway Integration- A multi-payment gateway is a useful feature that helps users transfer their assets in a hassle-free manner.

    Multiple Crypto Pairing- This helps to gain more traders for the platform and increase your liquidity pool for business.

    By incorporating these features, startups can take their businesses to new heights. All you have to do is choose a reputable Decentralized exchange script provider in the crypto market like Trioangle Technologies, which has over four years of experience in the blockchain industry.

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