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  • Monopoly GO: Net Worth Upgrade Abilities Explained

    Posted by Jime on April 24, 2024 at 3:41 am

    In Monopoly Go, the main goal is getting a net worth boost, which is an essential part of leveling up and grabbing various rewards. In addition, by leveling up Net Worth, players can access and improve special abilities, and each one is critical to earning cash.

    There are 18 abilities on the Net Worth upgrade list in Monopoly GO. Some are simply unlocked early in gameplay and never move, while others upgrade as Net Worth increases for more potent use. In this guide, we will show you every upgradeability in Monopoly GO and how it works.

    Auto Roll – allows players to roll without tapping.
    Albums – This is the Sticker Challenge album for ongoing sticker events. Buying Monopoly Go Stickers is the best way to complete it!
    Daily Treats – These are the daily log-in bonus rewards.
    Quick Wins – Daily challenges perfect for grinding dice rolls and sticker packs.
    Stickers For Rewards Orange – Allows players to exchange 250 stickers for an orange rewards vault.
    Rent Targets – This is the multiplier for collecting rent. It can be upgraded for times, for a maximum of x4 on rent due.
    Stickers for Rewards Blue – Allows players to exchange 500 stickers for blue rewards vaults.
    Stickers for Rewards Pink – Allows players to exchange 800 stickers for pink rewards vaults.
    Shields – Unlocks at 3 shields to protect against damage during Shutdowns. Upgrades twice for a total of 5 shields.
    Roll Regeneration – Increases the number of rolls that regen after an hour. Maximum of x10.
    Roll Capacity – Increases the amount of base dice rolls you can regen. Maximum of x100.
    Properties – Increases property tile payout profits.
    Shutdown – Increases shutdown payouts earned.
    Chance Cards – Increases possible chance earnings.
    Bank Heist – Increases possible earnings from all Heists.
    Daily Treats Increase – Increases cash earned from daily treats rewards.
    Rent – Increases earnings from landing on Rent tiles.
    GO! Tile – Increases earnings when passing or landing on GO.
    Utilities – Increases earnings from landing on Utility tiles.

    It ends here. If you’re looking for more, check out our game hub U4gm covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs.

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