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  • Madden 24: The Best Playbooks for Offence, Defence, Running, and Passing

    Posted by Jime on January 30, 2024 at 6:24 am

    If you want to one-up your opponent and be successful in Madden 24, mastering playbooks is one of the conditions. While at first glance it is rather easy, this article will show you some insider information that will help you get ahead: which playbooks are best for offence, defence, running, and passing in Madden 24?

    The Best Madden 24 Offence Playbook

    The clear frontrunner for the best offensive playbook in Madden 24 is the New York Jets playbook. Revamped thanks to the presence of Aaron Rodgers (18,400 Madden Coins) on their team in 2023, it boasts powerful offensive formations like Gun Bunch, Gun Trips TE Offset, Gun Double HB Wk, Gun Bunch Str Offset, and a returning favourite from recent years with Bunch TE featuring PA Boot Over. These changes and strong plays across the board make the New York Jets the best playbook in the game so far.

    The Best Madden 24 Passing Playbook

    The Jets have one of the absolute best offensive playbooks in Madden 24. It has a great mix of both running and passing formations, although it is best for players who prefer to lean mostly on the pass. In addition, the Jets have the only playbook in the game with the Gun Tight Offset TE formation, which is a favourite for the top player. Likewise, the Jets also comprise some popular pass-play formations, which makes them the best option for players who want to learn mostly the pass game. Some of the favourites on the list are I Form Close, Strong Close, Gun Bunch Gun Bunch TE, and more.

    The Best Madden 24 Running Playbook

    The San Francisco 49ers playbook is one dark horse if you’re looking to focus a bit more on the running game in Madden 24. It’s not only got some of the same strong options in Singleback, I Form, Pistol, and Shotgun, but also the extra spicy option here, Gun Slot WR Backfield. This unique formation will line up one of your top receivers as a pure running back, which can majorly confuse opposing defences and allow you to keep the ball on the ground without being too repetitive with play or player choice.

    The Best Madden 24 Defensive Playbook

    The best defensive playbook in Madden 24 right now is the 46. This alternate playbook offers a huge range of formations, including the most powerful duo in the game, Nickel 3-3 and Nickel 3-3 CUB. It also has the 3-2 dollar, letting you use plays like Nickel Blitz 0, Spinner, and Cov 4 Drop Contain. Along with those formations, players also get the 46 Normal and Bear fronts, which are great for short yardage, and the Big Nickel Over G, which is still a very good formation.

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