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  • In what way Does Remitano Clone help a startup for business?

    Posted by John on March 21, 2024 at 4:05 pm

    Remitano Clone Script is chosen for its benefits and advanced features. In the crypto market, Remitano is the best P2P crypto exchange platform it is one of the reasons. The Remitano Clone Script has similar functionality to the original platform with an advantage let’s explore that

    • Cost-effective solution needs limited resources

    • Easy Software Installation

    • Non include Technical Support

    • Bug-free and Multi-tested

    • Futuristic Exchange updation availability

    • Easy Customization Option

    • Supports an instantly Launch

    Along with that, the Remitano Clone script has a revenue module here are they

    1. Transaction Fees – All transactions are chargeable from both the buyers’ and seller’s side

    2. Listing Fees – Traders can list their tokens by paying some amount.

    3. Withdrawal Fees – Withdrawal fees are charged by exchanges commonly from Users.

    4. Advertisement – Displaying ads on your platform is a source of revenue and it’s possible on the platform.

    5. Premium Features – Both the app and website have premium features that ease users experience but that has a fee structure to experience that.

    6. Token Sales – A fund is raised as a fee for hosting token sales and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) on the platform.

    7. Liquidity Provider Fees – For participation in the liquidity provision a fee is collected from them to access the platform.

    These benefits help startups and entrepreneurs lead their businesses to new heights.

    If you are a startup that is interested in knowing more about the Remitano Clone Script get in contact with Trioangle Technologies to start your crypto journey.

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