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    December 2, 2022 at 1:21 pm
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    Advantages :

    A Larger Market: Through e-commerce, people may connect with customers both domestically and internationally. E-commerce provides a platform for business owners to interact with customers while relaxing in their own homes. Customers may buy anything they want whenever they want to, and an increasing number of people are becoming accustomed to shopping on their mobile devices.

    Customer Insights Using Analytics And Tracking: There is a way to track the traffic and the users’ entire user journey for businesses, whether they are driving traffic to their eCommerce website through PPC, SEO, ads, or a good old postcard, in order to gain insights into the keywords, marketing message, user experience, pricing strategy, and many other things.

    Quick Response To Market Demands And Consumer Trends: Especially For Business People.


    Lack of Personal Touch: Some customers value the personal touch they receive from engaging with salespeople when they visit a physical store. Such a personal touch is especially important for companies selling high-end goods because buyers will want to purchase the goods and have a wonderful experience doing so.

    Lack of Tactile Experience: Despite how well-made a video is, consumers still cannot touch or feel a product. Not to mention, it’s never simple to convey a brand experience through the two-dimensionality of any screen, which frequently includes the senses of touch, taste, smell, and sound.

    Comparison of Products and Prices: Online shoppers can assess the costs of various goods and select the best deal. Due of this, many firms must

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