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  • Didderence between a Blog and Forum!

    Posted by Unknown Member on July 20, 2022 at 1:10 pm

    Comments are welcomed on blogs, typically at the end of articles. These are held back to give the blog’s author time to determine whether to publish them or not and to draught an appropriate response. This is done to prevent spam and other undesirable comments. Although there isn’t a good environment for discussions right away because of this wait, those that do take place are usually more measured, sedate, and valuable.

    In a forum, comment or message is immediately published for everyone to see because it operates in real-time. Anything posted is immediately visible because there is little to no moderation (I presume the moderators can remove inappropriate posts later.) The advantages include speedy responses, which are more likely to lead to debates. But depending on how they are handled, these debates can take on a variety of different tenors, go off course, or even be misinterpreted.

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  • Kajal

    August 16, 2022 at 11:01 am
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    Blogs are always set up so that the most recent post is at the top of the page. Although blogs link to the publishing member’s profile, they do not pull member headshot photographs. In addition, blogs frequently have a more informal tone than forums, though this is not a requirement.


    Discussions are threaded and active in forums. By default, the latest post will be pushed automatically to the top of the list inside a forum. However, this can be modified to sort by the most recent forum thread. A forum topic’s comments are arranged chronologically, with the most recent comment always appearing at the bottom. Additionally, forums permit internal quoting and member profile photos.

  • Santhosh

    August 16, 2022 at 11:35 am
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    The blog is Author Generated Content. Author share views and ideas on the blog topic. For questions, one has to ask the blogger, and he may answer readers’ questions. Bloggers tend to build the trust of the readers and share views and ideas that are trustworthy. Blogs need a lot of time to research before an author can write about the topic. You don’t always need to be blogging. Blogs heavily depend on the expertise of the author. On the other hand, forums can have millions of authors, but it relies heavily on members’ interactions.

    Forum is User Generated Content. Members participate in the discussion to share views and ideas. Can take the form of questions and answers. One can’t trust the worthiness of the forum replies. Forums are much easier to generate content. You always need to monitor the forum for moderation. In a forum all the participants are equal. Any participant can put forward an idea, and the others can discuss it, make comments and comment on each other’s comments.

  • Kajal

    August 16, 2022 at 11:48 am
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    A forum is an exchange of written “conversations” amongst group members. One participant might publish a brief question or comment on a subject of interest to the group in a forum, for instance. After reading the forum issue, other users submit a comment with a response or a viewpoint on it. A forum is essentially a technique to gather various viewpoints on a particular issue.

    A blog is quite unique. A blog is typically a platform where one person expresses their opinions on a specific subject. Similar to an essay, blog postings are often longer (several paragraphs) and feature the author’s stated perspective. In a blog, the blogger puts forward an idea, and others can comment on it, but there is no real discussion. 

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