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  • Santhosh

    August 16, 2022 at 11:42 am
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    When you find a client who is interested, ask them if they can recommend their colleagues who may benefit from our services.

    Don’t make the customer feel like a target. They need a product or service that helps them. Put extra effort, it makes a difference.

    Learn how to quickly disconnect the wrong clients. Salespeople understand the importance of not wasting time on customers who aren’t interested.

    The key to attracting the right clients is to understand their pain points. Make sure Singlebag fulfills your customer needs.

    One of the best ways to attract the right clients is to focus on building your identity and creating trust.

    When people focus on selling, they’re thinking about themselves. A salesperson focusing on selling to the customer is thinking about targets, about their Emi’s, and about the commitments, they’re aiming for. 

    I’m not saying that salespeople shouldn’t have goals and targets. It is very much frustrating to keep going when you’re working with customers who haven’t yet said yes.

    Customers are people. We can’t forget that. Your customers are real people with real feelings. Ask further, listen a bit more, and they might share the reason why they can’t say yes to your proposal.