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    Script-based selling focuses on delivering a polished, pre-written
    pitch, while needs-satisfaction selling focuses on understanding the
    customer’s unique needs and tailoring the pitch accordingly.
    Script-based selling assumes customer needs are similar, while
    needs-satisfaction selling thrives on varied customer needs. Scripts can
    be effective for straightforward products with a consistent customer
    base, but needs-satisfaction selling is generally more successful in
    building trust and long-term relationships with customers.

    This approach
    involves crm enrichment, where understanding and fulfilling individual
    customer needs are prioritized, akin to customizing a meal based on your
    guest’s preferences rather than following a recipe blindly. In essence,
    while a script might work well for selling lemonade on a hot day, for
    professions like financial advising, CRM enrichment is crucial for
    success as it involves understanding specific financial goals and
    tailoring recommendations accordingly.

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