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    March 25, 2024 at 4:24 pm
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    This initial stage is all about generating awareness and making
    potential customers recognize a problem they might have. Here, marketing
    efforts focus on broad reach, using content marketing, social media,
    and other strategies to educate a large audience about the issue. Once potential customers are aware of the problem, they move into the
    MOFU stage. Here, they’re actively researching solutions and considering
    their options. This is where you provide more in-depth content that
    showcases your product or service as the ideal solution. Case studies,
    demos, webinars, and email marketing are commonly used at this stage. At the BOFU stage, prospects are ready to make a decision. They
    understand the problem, they know your solution exists, and they’re
    comparing you to competitors. Here, you focus on driving conversions
    with strong calls to action, free trials, consultations, and special