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  • Khushbu

    September 16, 2022 at 6:10 pm
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    When my friend started a hotel business he failed because he didn’t plan well before starting the business. He was forced to shut the business down in one month. Things seemed worse. I was next in the pipeline to start an online business. After seeing my friend fail I was scared to start. Soon in 6 months he again started an online business and he was making more profits. I was shocked and asked him how did this happen. Then the secret mantra he whispered in my ear is “plan”. Yes, you heard it right. The plan is the secret to kickstart anything you try to do. Here are some secret mantras listed below.

    1. What products or services will I sell online? 
    2. Can I sell these products online? 
    3. How will I source these products? 
    4. How will I deliver these products? 
    5. Who is my target customer? 
    6. Who is my competition? 
    7. What laws do I need to be aware of? 

    Cheers and All the best!