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  • Santhosh

    September 7, 2022 at 1:32 pm
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    Hi Vidhya,

    Here are a few recommendations

    All you need to be a freelance content writer is proficient in English writing.

    Virtual assistants – They essentially do a lot of Googling.

    A stay-at-home mother I know operates a specialised eCommerce site for organic goods. Choose a specialised product, like scented candles, and work with a drop shipper to avoid managing inventory. You can create up platforms like Singlebag without any technical experience.

    Online poker – If you have strong analytical skills, you could become proficient at online poker and easily make $1,000 per month. And it’s enjoyable!

    There is always someone in your network searching for a website developed for their small business if you are prepared to invest some time in learning programming abilities (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript + WordPress – it’s not that hard!).

    Blogger- If you enjoy writing a lot, you might blog about something light-hearted, like raising a child, investment banking news, or another interest you have. Once your blog gains attention, you can monetize it with adverts.

    All of them have the benefit of allowing you to choose your own hours and can be done with only a laptop, which is crucial for a stay-at-home mother.

    All the best!