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  • Delison

    September 7, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Delison,

    A potential customer’s journey when considering a purchase from you is referred to in marketing as a “sales funnel.” You require the appropriate sales funnel management assistance in order to sell a product. There are four stages in the sales funnel that correspond to the attitude of your potential customers:

    You drew the customer’s attention by being aware. It may be a blog post you authored, a social media update you posted, or a Google search result for your website. He’s starting to realise you exist, which opens up the following phase.

    Customers are now studying your company and its products and comparing them to competitors out of interest.

    It is best to avoid being overly forceful and pressuring the client to decide at this time because doing so will drive him away.

    After considering it and conducting research, the customer is ready to make a decision. Now is the ideal time to provide him with a compelling offer. It might take the form of a discount, free shipping, a free bonus item, etc.

    He took action by choosing your good or service and joining the ecosystem of your company.

    The next step would be to concentrate on retaining the client. You must consider the long term. concentrating on keeping customers!

    The sales Funnel is the step for buyers to purchase your products and services. By analysing your sales funnel’s operation and its weak points, you may better understand it. Additionally, it will assist you in locating the gaps in the various stages of your sales funnel where prospects drop out and do not convert into customers. Knowing your sales funnel lets you direct prospects through it and determine whether they convert.

    Thank You!