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Singlebag · July 17, 2023


Singlebag is an online service that helps users create eCommerce stores easily by providing the necessary tools needed to do so. Singlebag provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables sellers and merchants to create professional-looking online stores even if they have no prior experience or coding knowledge.


Simply choose a theme, to best represent your brand. Then add your products, manage inventory, track sales, and get 24/7 support. Everything you need is to start your business today! Now.

You might have ideas, but you will not be having the right resources to start your business. It helps you to expand your business globally. Take your business from offline to online mode. Put your products in front of millions of people, while you market and sell your products all from one place.

The mistake most people and businesses do is that they want to emulate a big company that is already established in the marketplaces. Many marketplaces charge high commissions and what is meant for you is not given to you. Wherever your customers find you, you will be there to make a sale.

Stock up your inventory, expand to new locations, and market your products using marketing tools. Anything is possible through Singlebag. Your funding will be available almost instantly. Accept credit card/ debit card payments. We provide 8+ easy and secure payment gateways.

Simply put, Singlebag is an eCommerce website builder that takes care of web hosting, and domain name purchases, and helps in quickly setting up an online store. Singlebag also makes it easier to customize the online stores to their liking.

When you’re ready to create a store, you can follow this overall agenda to ensure you complete the nuts and bolts.

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Delivery module

Apart from that, Singlebag also provides a delivery module service that also includes its very own delivery system – the Singlebag delivery agent. The Singlebag delivery module provides its sellers and merchants with its own delivery system which empowers independent business owners everywhere by reducing the burden of hiring third-party delivery providers for a huge cost, thus accelerating leverage for the respective businesses and ultimately increasing their profit potential.

They need not rely on third-party services.

Partner program

Singlebag also provides a Partner program where it gives you multiple ways to generate revenue for an individual. One is to refer clients to us by developing stores for them and receive a 25% recurring commission. Another one is completely up to you. You can also earn a commission from each Singlebag merchant by managing their store separately for them.

We also provide a toolkit for “how to pitch Singlebag to your clients”.


We provide an Ecommerce community forum.

In today’s digital world of information, finding solutions depends on looking at it in the right place.

From looking for code bits to helping clients with business needs, the right solution to your question might be concealed in the wild west of discussion forums. Our job at Singlebag is to improve on the investigator work for you.

Singlebag Community-an upgraded eCommerce forum. You can access our Community with Singlebag Partners, merchants, and eCommerce experts and participate in significant discussions with your friends. With further developed search functionality, acknowledged solutions, and participation rewards are given.


We also provide an academy where you’ll find information on everything from how to create an online eCommerce store online in Singlebag to how to market them digitally. Courses related to eCommerce and knowledge required to run an online business will be taught there.

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Singlebag is an eCommerce platform or a tool that helps you set up an online store, market and sell your products to global customers. Whether you are a startup or an established business, Singlebag is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that helps you stabilize and boost your business. We are the first eCommerce platform for a variety of businesses in different realms that you can imagine.

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