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12 Stages in a Business Hero’s Journey!

A Business Hero’s Journey

Starting our own Business and being our own boss is the biggest dream of every driven individual out there. But it’s also every yet-to-be entrepreneur’s biggest fear. This fear of failure is like a dragon that needs to be conquered to achieve our greatest reward, the jubilation of owning a business and being a boss. But to defeat the dragon, your fear, you need to go on a hero’s journey to find a weapon that would help you succeed in your business. Let’s dive to discover how to become a business hero. A legend

1. The Ordinary World:

Where you were, your past life, and how comfortable it was when you were a student under the love and care of parents and teachers. Life was so good; you had a lot of dreams and expectations for your future. Your prime dream was to become an entrepreneur.

2. The Call to Adventure:

Now you’re out of college, let’s assume you landed a job, but unfortunately, you don’t like it. It’s incredibly boring and uneventful, more than that it’s not what your heart wants. Something doesn’t feel right. You keep hearing this voice and you realize it’s your spirit.

3. Refusal to Call:

But you refuse to respond to the call. You chose to ignore your spirit because right now; you need this job. Your family needs your support financially. And the pay is also sufficient. So you say why risk all this and chose to decide to look at your monitor screen again. Now it lands on you, this question: how long am I supposed to do this? Next 30 to 40 years? You start sweating.

4. Meeting Yoda:

You meet the person who helps you get over your fears. This could be anyone who cares for your happiness like a business ideal, a friend, or it could even be me who’s writing this article as I care for my reader’s welfare. This is where you learn about Singlebag, the power of eCommerce, and opportunities to make money online. So now is your time for reevaluation, now you are on the edge. Do you believe you can do this?

5. Now or Never:

Over here, you say ‘Yes’ to the call to adventure and start your online store with Singlebag. This is where you pack your bags for the long eCommerce journey to reclaim your life.

6. The War Power:

Here you must need to learn who to trust, like nailing down and which eCommerce platform you can trust to launch your first online business. Singlebag and a few other genuine eCommerce are there for you to choose from. Tests might be your passion, patience, and perseverance.

7. Enter the Dark Cave:

Prepare yourself to face the initial reactions, the detractors, non-believers, and their criticisms. To continue your journey, you must nurture your unwavering spirit to keep going on.

8. The Darkest Hour:

Hardest challenge and the greatest fear is found here. The first minor setback and the moment you hear the collective voice screaming, “We told you so!” but pay no heed, and accept that this voyage is going to be challenging but so worth the reward.

9. The Big Treasure:

Discovering your reward of choosing the best eCommerce platform like Singlebag and, above all, the decision you made to believe in yourself is done here. The feel when your business starts to pick up when you enjoy the first small profit. That’s your reward, for your courage.

10. The Road Back:

Recommitting to complete the journey and accept the road back to the extraordinary world here. But be cautious not to get complacent with your minor success. The road is long ahead. Now your business must become a brand. You must become a brand.

11. The Resurrection:

It can be the most dangerous ordeal for you, the hero, and is the climax of the story. The one supreme challenge in front of you, the ultimate test, the mighty final showdown between you and the dragon will happen. The dragon represents those who want you and your business to fail, the envious and the hateful. In your resurrection, your business and your spirit must rise above to triumph.

12. The Return of the King:

Ultimate reward after your triumph against the dragon is the moment when you and your business become a global brand. Now you look back at all your struggles and success with tears of happiness dripping down, and you accept your throne with humility. The burden of being a king and a successful entrepreneur is now upon you. This is a different dragon, an even bigger one, another call to adventure. The last question, are you ready for the ride?

Conclusion: Discover Singlebag

The life, the business, and the world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It’s yours.

So conquer eCommerce. Conquer with courage. Conquer with Singlebag.

Singlebag is the simplest and yet powerful eCommerce platform that guides you on your journey to becoming the business hero that you are. The hero this world needs you to be.

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